Mazowiecki Zakład Obróbki Pianek – MAZOPofirmie

The MAZOP company specializes in manufacturing of polyethylene foams. As one of the few companies in the market, we offer a wide range of both materials and methods of PE foam processing. We target first of all the packaging industry, for which we produce all kinds of profiles, edge-protection, corners, protection items, fillings for boxes, suitcases and many other products.

Our machinery allows us to perform processes such as CNC foam cutting, die cutting, milling, delamination and contour cutting. This allows us to adapt the technology to the specific product properties as well as to the volume of orders. We carry out even the most complex orders and our materials include also special non-flammable and chemically resistant foams or with antistatic properties. We execute orders ranging from a few pieces to many thousands of items.

Our own design department allows us to create individual designs tailored to your needs.

We cooperate with both Polish and foreign foam manufacturers and thanks to that cooperation we have in our offer several dozen different types of foams. Among them there are noncrosslinked polyethylene foams, crosslinked XPE foams, EVA foams, Alveo physically crosslinked polyolefin foams, polypropylene foams; their density ranges from 17kg/m3 up to as much as 300kg/m3.

We invite you to cooperation. Our specialists will be happy to help you choose the right product for your needs.