Die-cut foam

Die-cutting is the best manufacturing technology of larger series and thin types of foams.

Milling and engraving of foams

Thanks to the milling process we can perform even the most complex three-dimensional shapes.

Foam protection items

One of the main areas of our activities is foam protection. Our design department is able to match the right solution both in terms of cost and protection of a particular product.

Foam gaskets and insulation

We offer insulation and sealing materials cut out according to your design. We offer foam with density of up to 300kg/m3. Gaskets, insulation and soundproofing mats are used for assembly of ceramics, in the automotive industry, gaskets for petrol cans, etc.

Packaging for use in warehouses – rotation packaging

Thanks to the close collaboration with the Box Maker company, we offer comprehensive solutions for transportation within warehouses. The materials used for manufacturing of such packaging are of much higher quality than the packaging of disposable products.

Foam sheets

We also offer foam in the least processed form, i.e. in sheets. Cooperation with many suppliers, both from Poland and abroad allows us to offer a wide range of both crosslinked and noncrosslinked polyethylene foams.

CNC foam cutting

CNC plotter cutting makes it possible for us to perform even the most complex patterns, even in small amounts.


Tuff Pad is a longish and round foam with the strengthened surface area which is UV resistant. This product is ideally appropriate for protection of metal elements occurring on children’s playgrounds, trampolines, scaffoldings and other facilities.


Foam protection profiles

Protection profiles are especially appropriate for covering places which are mostly vulnerable to damage. They are most frequently used in the furniture industry, for protection of such products as:  table boards, mirrors, windows, glass, planks.

Polyurethane foams

Upholstery foam – polyurethane type „T” is the most commonly used material in the upholstered furniture industry. It is applied for filling seat backs, arm rests and matresses. Upholstery foam is abrasion resistant and is characterized by high durability and flexibility.

Polyurethane foam T27H

T27H is quite stiff polyurethane foam which is used for packing fragile products. This material is ideal for extrusion and milling. It doesn’t deform permamently and doesn’t keep scratch marks.

Foam fillings

We offer foam fillings that perfectly fit products. Thanks to the possibility of CNC cutting, we can offer even complex products ordered in amounts starting from a few pieces up to many thousands items.