Honeycomb filling

A combination of paper (light raw material) and a structure, that is reminiscent of “hexagonal” honeycombs – the result: a “honeycomb” paper filling that has been used in the construction of doors, partitions, furniture (table tops, walls, doors), even in automotive and aviation industries for years, is now also successfully used at MAZOP as an economical, ecological alternative to foam fillings.

Popular application for such fillings is currently all types of advertising media –POS materials. The relatively low price compared to other materials, light weight of material structure and the wide range of possible uses make this product an economical market hit.


The most important advantages of the “honeycomb”:

high resistance to deflection and impact

low price

relatively very light weight

perfect material for protecting light (e.g. cell phones) and very heavy objects (e.g. car parts)

relatively low storage and transport costs

environmentally friendly

Water-based glue

100% recyclable

“Honeycomb fillings”

“Honeycomb fillings” are a natural and environment friendly material which is easy and inexpensive to process. The thickness of the plate and its internal structure are responsible for the great mechanical properties of the “sandwich material”. Paper as a filler material with a hexagonal structure gives the material its pressure and shock resistance.

The drier the filling and the stronger the kraft paper that was used to make the outer layer, the greater compressive strength of the “Honeycomb” structure is.



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