International Organization for Standardization

Our company strives to grow by ensuring the highest level of quality for our products, but also for sustainable development. Back in 2017, we successfully implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system and now have the latest standard according to ISO 9001:2015.

Quality management system

The quality management system according to ISO 9001 is a tool that enables any company to raise the level of quality of products manufactured or services provided, through continuous improvement of methods and ways of operation. The standard refers to the processes that create and oversee the products and services provided to the customer by the organization.

The requirements of the standard are intended to define by the organization the principles of continuous supervision of activities to demonstrate the ability to continuously provide a product or service that meets the requirements of the customer and the requirements of applicable legal and other regulations.

Application of the ISO 9001 requirements provides a solid foundation on the way to implementing the TQM – Total Quality Management philosophy.

Ecology and care for the environment

From the beginning, our goal has been to provide customers with eco-friendly packaging. Our cardboard packaging is made from 100% recycled paper.

We use only water-based inks, without harmful chemicals or solvents, including on digital printers. The packaging is glued with a vegetable starch-based adhesive. Recently, we have also been replacing PE film in our Fixbox packaging with PLA film, a biodegradable film made from corn starch.
By using digital printing, we eliminate the need for printing polymers, which are made of plastic and have to be disposed of in the garbage after production.

Almost all of our packaging has a special design and an adhesive strip that allows us to do away 100% with the use of adhesive tape, which is mostly made of polypropylene. Our foam processing department now offers 80% recycled HRC foam, as well as the use of an alternative raw material in the form of Paper Honeycomb.

All of the above allows us to offer our customers packaging that is climate neutral, so that together we can take care of our future.
Also remember – When packaging today, think about tomorrow!


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