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Let your packaging be more colorful thanks to the new Digital Printing technology.

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Innovation in printing on packaging:

Our company uses the most modern, digital printer for corrugated cardboard in Poland.

Thanks to the Single Pass technology and water-based paints, we offer digital printing with the efficiency and costs that until now have been possible only in flexographic printing.

Short lead times! Low printing cost! No polymers’ costs! Check our offer!

  • Possibility to print even small series.
  • Possibility to print in Full Color.
  • An alternative for laminated packaging as well as offset and flexographic printing.
  • The number of colors does not affect the price.
  • Perfect solution for seasonal, promotional and advertising packaging.

This kind of printing does not require any additional expenditure related to tools, as well as makes it possible to print even small series of packaging with full-surface printing.

Our experienced team of designers will be glad to prepare a 3D design and a prototype packaging for you!

Digital printing perfect solution for every business





Digital printing possibilities:

This technology is a perfect solution in the production of cardboard displays, cardboard stands, POS materials made of corrugated cardboard, as well as of gift boxes, promotional products, samples, shipping and ornamental boxes, and any time, when beautiful printing is important. See some of our suggestions and decide which solution will best suit your needs.

Cardboard display stands

Thanks to digital printing we can produce beautiful and colorful display stands to present your products in stores, on petrol stations, during trade fairs and wherever your product is to be visible. All stands that we produce are made of cardboard holding FSC certification and printed over using water-based paints. They are also 100%-recyclable and do not litter the environment. We are able to execute an order starting from even only a few stands without additional costs related printing tools.

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POS materials

Cardboard may be used to produce various products. The only limit is our customers’ imagination.
We produce colorful promotional materials such as sample boxes, baskets, bottle handles for shops or promotion kits. Having an interesting idea? We will help you put it into practice.

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