R&D Department

Our R&D team consists of experienced designers who dedicate themselves every day to creating new, innovative 3D packaging models for our clients.

Their skills and creativity enable them to analyze the packaging process, optimize the product, and deliver solutions that not only meet expectations but also set our clients apart in the market while considering its environmental impact.

Thanks to seamless collaboration and a passion for design, our team is ready to tackle even the most demanding projects, ensuring the highest quality and professionalism.

The advantages of own R&D department

Innovation and Modernity

Adaptation to Changing Norms and Regulations

Tailored Solutions to Specific Customer Needs

Optimization of Production Processes

Prototype Design Machinery Park

A modern machine park is essential in our process of creating prototypes for new products. Its advanced features enable precise and efficient cutting, allowing us to experiment quickly and effectively with various shapes and forms. Thanks to this technology, we can swiftly transition from concept to a physical prototype, reducing the time needed for the development of new products.

With plotters, we have the ability to test different design variations, which is crucial in optimizing the functions, ergonomics, and aesthetics of new products. By utilizing digital printing technology, we provide customers with the opportunity to receive a prototype with multi-color printing

Speed and Efficiency: Plotters enable the rapid generation of prototypes and packaging designs, accelerating the design process and allowing for quick adaptation to changing customer needs or market trends.

Accuracy and Precision: Plotters and digital printers guarantee high precision in cutting and printing, resulting in excellent packaging quality. Precision in detail is crucial, especially when designing packaging for products with high visual standards.

Customization and Personalization: The use of plotters and digital printing facilitates efficient packaging personalization. We can tailor patterns and shapes according to customer needs, which is especially significant in industries where customization is a key element.

Cost-Effective Prototyping: Thanks to our in-house R&D department and an extensive, modern machinery park, we do not outsource prototype creation, significantly reducing prototyping costs. This also works efficiently for pilot projects where testing various concepts is crucial.

Sustainability: Our machinery park allows us to use eco-friendly materials, aligning with the growing trends of sustainable development. We can experiment with new, environmentally friendly packaging options.

Innovative Solutions

We place particular emphasis on environmental aspects, striving to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment. Our packaging is designed with sustainable development in mind, using environmentally friendly materials and promoting recycling ideas. This is not only a commitment to the planet but also a response to the growing expectations of consumers who increasingly value companies engaged in eco-friendly actions.

The innovation in our packaging solutions goes beyond ecological aspects. We also aim to optimize design, production, and packaging processes, resulting in cost reduction for both us and our clients. By incorporating modern technologies and efficient design solutions, we enable our clients not only to achieve sustainable development goals but also to improve the profitability of their operations.

Our packaging innovations are the result of the collaborative effort of a dedicated design team that continuously monitors market trends, explores new technologies, and collaborates with clients to deliver solutions perfectly tailored to their needs.


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