FIXBOX Packaging: Specially Designed Boxes for Secure and Aesthetic Transport

FIXBOX packaging is specially created boxes designed for the transport of electronic parts such as phones, tablets, laptops, as well as spare parts and custom-ordered products. These packages ensure the intact transport of products while also maintaining aesthetic appeal. Fixbox boxes feature a special elastic film that perfectly secures the product. This film stabilizes the item, preventing it from moving around inside the package.

Unique Film!
It is stretchable, durable, and exceptionally resistant to tearing.

Highest Quality Cardboard!
Provides excellent protection against piercing and crushing of the box.

FIXBOX – Laptop Packaging
Our product range includes Fixbox laptop packaging tailored to the most popular laptop sizes. The complete package consists of a box and a protective insert.

FIXBOX – Flexible Boxes with Film

Fixbox is a line of boxes characterized by their elastic film. These innovative packages are designed to offer versatility and protection for a variety of product types.

Thanks to the elastic film, Fixbox can adapt to the shape and size of products, ensuring they are perfectly secured and presented attractively. Fixboxes are ideal for transporting electronics (e.g., phones) as well as spare parts or custom-ordered products.

Fixbox also represents environmentally friendly packaging, designed with sustainable development in mind. We implement modern solutions like biodegradable PLA film (made from corn starch), contributing to reducing our environmental impact.

Fixbox Packaging Dimensions:

MOBILE FIXBOX      Dimensions: 200x95x35
A5 FIXBOX               Dimensions: 225x145x50
A4 FIXBOX               Dimensions: 310x200x65