Fixbox packages are perfectly suited for protection of valuable, fragile items during their shipment. The foil in the package holds the product in one position, and the appropriate cardboard shape provides additional cushioning.

A unique foil!

It is stretchy, durable and extremely tear-resistant.

Top quality cardboard!

Provides good protection against piercing the box as well as against crushing.

Versatility! – various products – one packaging

The packages are easy to fold and they don’t require any additional protection or fillings. With this solution, you can have one package for products of various sizes and shapes.

Main advantages of Fix-Box packaging:

  • the foil adapts perfectly to the product;
  • protects the product from moving; during shipment
  • easy and quick to use;
  • any additional filling of free spaces required;
  • cushions the product when the package falls;
  • universal use;
  • aesthetic appearance.

Fixbox (one-piece)

The easiest and fastest way to protect your product for shipping by courier. The package consists of one element; it folds automatically and holds the product in place.
You don’t have to worry any more about the bags with fillers, expensive equipment for inflating of bags or additional product protection.

Fixbox (1- inlay)

Fixbox (double- inlay)