Printed boxes are the ideal solution for all online shop owners, wholesalers and manufacturers. Printing on boxes is an excellent form of advertising and a guarantee for the customer that the shipment is from you.

Key advantages:

  • possibility to print small series
  • no costs associated with ‘tuning’ the machine
  • printing possible in as little as 5 working days
  • ideal solution for seasonal, promotional and competition packaging production
  • printing on cardboard from 3 layers to 5 layers

This technology is perfect for:

  • Manufacture of displays and cardboard stands
  • Corrugated POS materials
  • Gift Boxes
  • Promotional Products
  • Sample displays
  • Decorative shipping boxes

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Why order our printed cardboard packaging?

Promotional packaging is often used in retail and wholesale – especially in the e-commerce market. In practice, for many entrepreneurs aesthetically pleasing printed cardboard boxes serve not only as a way to keep goods well protected and ready for shipping, but also as a form of free advertising. By placing your logo on the box, you can not only improve its overall design, but also influence higher brand awareness among customers. Aesthetically pleasing advertising packaging is increasingly important due to the popularity of the Internet. Printed cardboard boxes are an absolute ‘must have’ for anyone investing in influencer partnerships or planning to start such ventures.

Promotional cardboard boxes are perfect for online sales. Customers often pay attention to how and in what way the products they have ordered are packed, and later refer to this in their comments and feedback after purchase and delivery – for example on auction portals. Cardboard boxes with logos are a very cost-effective yet aesthetically pleasing solution that is worth introducing into your company. Printed packaging in the form of the company name itself or even its advertising slogan brings the buyer closer to the seller, as this type of labelling immediately communicates where the package has come from.


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