Printing Industry

Packaging in the printing industry is not only a practical element for protecting products but also an important marketing and ecological tool. Tailoring packaging to the individual needs of clients and products is a key element in the production and distribution process of printing materials.

In our offer, we have a wide range of packaging solutions for the printing industry, suitable for both publishers and advertising agencies.

Applications and advantages of our packaging:

  1. Protection and Safety: Cardboard packaging protects prints, advertising materials, and delicate printing devices from damage, moisture, and other external factors.
  2. Customization to Product Specifics: A variety of formats and sizes of packaging allows for the safe storage and transport of everything from small leaflets to large posters and devices.
  3. Branding and Presentation: Packaging often also serves an advertising function, able to be printed with the company’s logo, product information, which increases brand recognition.
  4. Eco-friendly and Sustainable Options: Cardboard, as an environmentally friendly material with recyclability, aligns with the trend of sustainable development.

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